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  W.S. Stevens Primary School wins Cooperative Drama Competition. The Wills Strathmore Stevens primary school of Marigot  emerged winner of the Primary School drama competition held at the Arawak House of culture in Roseau on Thursday May 18, 2017.  In second place was Grandbay Primary School and Third place Salisbury Primary School.  The competition was organized by the Cooperative Division department of Ministry of Social Services and Gender Affairs . Six (6) schools participated in the competition Salybia , Grand Fond, Salisbury,  Grandbay, Jones Beaupierre, W.S. Stevens Primary Schools.  The W.S. Stevens captur ed Best Actor (Kadeem Charles) and Actress (Tianna Smith) awards.   The competition was judged by Bert Paul, Steve Hyacinth, Hugette St Hillaire, Nadia Pinnard  and Julien Lloyd Benjamin.  The Permanent Secretary Mrs Helen Royer of the Ministry of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs addressed the students at the closing ceremony.  King Karessa also 2012 Cooperative Division Calypso King performed at the event.  Miss Canoville said it is important to appreciate the Cooperative  model of business as it encourages unity among people, as “in dividualism cannot build a nation”.  Sponsors were Government of Dominica, National, West Coast,  Central, Grandbay and Credit Unions; Dominical Cooperative Society League, Vibes Radio and Digicel, Dominica Essential Oils and Spices Cooperative Society Ltd.

The Cooperative Division, in collaboration with the Believers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, hosted a stakeholder conference on the coconut oil industry at the Garraway Hotel on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017. The purpose of the conference was to examine the issues affecting the industry and design strategies for increasing the production methods, quality, safety standards and marketing of coconut oil. Coconut growers, producers, consumers, bankers, financiers and policy makers formed part of the stakeholder conference and at the day’s end, a seven (7) man committee was established to help drive the industry forward. Addressing the conference were Miss Mariet Canoville Registrar for Cooperative who delivered the welcome address. Mr. Joseph Issac parliamentary representative for Roseau Constituency gave a brief address. While Mrs. Helen Royer delivered the featured address on behalf of the Minister responsible for Cooperative. Mr. Marthan Walter also addressed the conference in the absence of the Minister of Trade Ian Douglas who was out of state and Mr. Ryan Anselm represented the Minister for Agriculture. The Adrien Bannis member of the Believers Multi-Purpose Cooperative presided over and gave the opening prayer at the conference. Various stakeholders made presentations among them were Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business, Ester Thomas. Mr. Brandon Defoe, consultant for Believers Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. He highlighted the status of coconut oil Industry. He stated that the demand for coconuts has grown upwards of 500% in the last decade. This he said was due to the fact that coconut-based derivatives, such as soaps, virgin coconut oil, health products and coconut water, have all seen large spikes in demand, so much so that producers may not be able to keep up. However the top coconut suppliers are struggling to meet the increasing demands of the global economy. Coconut products are used to make everything from clothing to animal feed to beauty creams. Its kernel is harvested for its edible flesh and delicious water, while its husk is used for its strong fibers. Coconut growers, producers, consumers, bankers, financiers and policy makers formed part of the stakeholder conference and at the day’s end, a seven (7) man committee was established to help drive the industry forward.


Minister responsible for cooperatives, Ms. Catherine Danields met members of the St. Peters fisheries cooperative at the fisheries complex in Bioche.  She was accompanied by Registrar of Cooperatives, Ms. Mariet Caniville, Acting chief fisheries officer Mr. Riviere Sebastien and fisheries officer Mr. Norman Norris. The visit was organized to address the concerns of the fisher folks and to encourage none member to be part of the society. The minister stressed the importance of the fishing industry to Dominica and its potential for creating sustainable jobs for the people of the area and beyond. The minister urged the fisher men to work cooperatively to reap the benefits of their cooperative.  The fisher folks were motivated to get more women involved and to take an active role in the cooperative fishing business.


Ms. Canoville and the business class of the GSC

On Friday 8 November 2013, the Registrar of Cooperatives – Ms. Mariet Canoville held training at the Goodwill Secondary School (GSC). The Training was held on the Cooperative Principles and Philosophy. Thirty (30) business students from class 3-2 attended the session.

At the end the student were very enthusiastic about the movement and request that the Division works with them with a view to form a Junior Cooperative at their school.

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International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) - 91st ICA International Co-operative Day - 19th UN International Day of Co-operatives - 6th July 2013

"Cooperative enterprise remains strong in time of crisis".

The aim of the day is to increase awareness of co-operatives and promote the movement's successes and ideals of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality, and world peace.

ICA first celebrated the International Day in 1923. The International Day is now run in partnership with the UN and the UN asks all member governments to participate in the celebrations each year.

The International Day has a different theme each year. Themes in recent years have included 'Co-operative enterprises build a better world' in 2012, ‘Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise’ in 2011 and ‘Co-operative enterprise empowers women’ in 2010. Co-operatives around the world celebrate the Day in many different ways, seeking to gain media coverage and public awareness at a local and national level.

UN International Day of Co-operatives, 6 July 2013 "Cooperative enterprise remains strong in times of crisis" - "La coopérative une entreprise qui reste forte en temps de crise" - "La empresa cooperativa se mantiene fuerte en tiempos de crisis".

This year's theme links to the global economic crisis and how many co-operatives are resilient to the effects of the crisis compared to shareholder businesses.


Co-operatives around the world celebrate the Day in many different ways. Below are examples of some of the activities organised by co-operatives around the world:

  • The messages of the ICA and United Nations are translated into local languages and widely disseminated to co-operators, media, and government officials at all levels.
  • Co-operatives use the media to create awareness on their movements and contributions.
  • Co-operative Fairs, exhibits, contests, and campaigns are held.
  • Meetings with government officials, United Nations agencies and other partner organisations are held.
  • Co-operatives partner with community agencies to champion economic, environmental, social and health challenges.
  • Cultural events are sponsored - theatre, concerts, etc.