The Co-operative Societies Act #2 of 2011 establishes the division by establishing the position of registrar and the staff.

The department is mandated to provide the following services:

  1. Registration - the Commissioner of Co-operative Societies other than Co-operative Credit Unions
    1. An application for registration must be submitted to the Commissioner of Co-operatives.
    2. Membership shall consist of no less than ten (10) members.
    3. The project/business must be economically viable and have provision for equity capital expansion and continuous growth.
    4. For a Junior co-operative, the majority of members must be below fifteen (15) years of age and for other co-operatives, eighteen (18) years.
    5. The word Co-operative or Ltd must form part of the Society’s name and in the case of a Junior Co-operative; Junior must be part of the Society’s name.
    6. The group must maintain an address to which all notices and communications must be sent.
    7. By-laws must be in conformity with the Co-operatives Societies Act, No 2 of 2011 and Regulations.
    8. When the Commissioner is satisfied that an application is made in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act of 2011, he will within three month register that Society.
  2. Inspection and monitoring of all co-operatives other than Credit Unions
  3. Promotion of the Co-operative Business Model in communities and schools
  4. Supervision and regulation of all co-operative societies.
  5. Provide education and training to co-operators and prospective members in areas such as:
    1. Management
    2. Financial Management
    3. Co-operative Philosophy
    4. Business Skills
  6. The department is also responsible for the dissolution of co-operatives

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