Title Name
Co-operative Commissioner  Ms. Mariet Canoville
Co-operative Junior Clerk Ms. Sherica Jules
Senior Co-operative Officer  Mr. Rennick Toussaint
Education & Training Officer Mr. Jones Telemaque
District Co-operative Officer

Ms. Khadija Paul
Ms. Shirlyne Joseph


Ms. Mariet Canoville

Ms. Canoville is a graduate of the American Intercontinental University with a Masters in Business Management. She has been with the Co-operative Division since 1998 during which time she worked as a District Co-operative Officer and Training Officer. General duties include:

  • Manages co-operative programmes and activities to facilitate the efficient implementation of government’s co-operative programmes and policies.
  • Supervises the operation of co-operative societies to secure society’s assets and protect members interest.
  • Administers the settlement of co-operative societies disputes to facilitate the effective resolution of differences.
  • Investigates reports and complaints re-financial operations of co-operative societies in order to improve financial management procedures.
  • Registers co-operative societies to facilitate their establishment.
  • Orders the dissolution of co-operation societies in order to enforce co-operative society act, rules and regulations.
  • Plans and conducts educational and training programmes to promote the further development of co-operative societies.

Rennick Toussaint

General duties include:

  • Supervise societies assigned for the purpose of safeguarding societies' assets and members' interests.
  • Audit financial records of co-operative societies.
  • Collect, classify and analyze co-operative societies' data using computer software for submission by the Commissioner of Co-operatives to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and for use by the Co-operative Division.

Mr. Jones Telemaque

  • Plans & prepares training programmes for co-operative societies in assigned district for the purpose of further developing co-operative societies in personnel and financial management, co-operative legislation, principles and practices and marketing.
  • Conducts educational and training programmes for the development of co-operative societies.
  • Maintains public awareness of co-operative activities to foster a good public image of the co-operative movements.
  • Produces and publishes co-operatives quarterly news magazine to keep the public informed of local c-operative activities.
  • Supervises the operation of co-operative societies in assigned districts for the purpose of promoting societies and safe-guarding societies assets and member interest.

Ms. Khadija Paul

  • Promotes the development and establishment of new co-operatives such as farmers, credit unions and school savings unions in the assigned district by means of training, attending meetings & preparing societies budget.
  • Oversees the operation of co-operative societies for the purpose of safe guarding the society’s assets and members interest.
  • Plans and conducts educational and training programmes by providing on the job training on a monthly basis.
  • Provide guidelines for conducting co-operative societies business on order to empower operation and financial management procedures by reviewing minutes of meetings, recommend improvements to record keeping practices, attend meetings of the society and verify decisions taken.
  • Monitors monthly, non-financial co-operatives.
  • Recommend dissolution of societies.
  • Advise on ways of recovering debts monthly.
  • Prepare business plans for societies.