Registrar of Cooperatives -                                                           Ms. Mariet Canoville



Junior Clerk -                                                                                      Ms Jannisa Mills



Senior Cooperative Officer -                                                            Mr. Rennick Toussaint

Mr. Rennick Toussaint



Education and Training Officer -                                                            Miss Khadija Paul







   District Cooperative Officers                                                   - Mr. Kevin Gordon


                                                                                                        Ms Lisa Philbert

                                                                                                              Miss. Shirlyne Joseph


Miss Shevon Jno Baptiste




The Cooperative Division is responsible for the Development, Supervision, and monitoring of Non-financial Cooperatives.

Ms. Mariet Canoville

Ms Canoville holds a Masters in Business Administration and a BSc in Management and International Relations from the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Trinidad and a Certificate in Labour and Cooperative Studies from the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperatives.

She has been with the Co-operative Division since 1998 during which time she worked as a District Co-operative Officer and Education and Training Officer. General duties include:

  • Manages cooperative programmes and activities to facilitate the efficient implementation of government’s cooperative programmes and policies.
  • Supervises the operation of cooperative societies to secure society’s assets and protect members' interests.
  • Administers the settlement of cooperative societies' disputes to facilitate the effective resolution of differences.
  • Investigates reports and complaints of financial operations of cooperative societies to improve financial management procedures.
  • Registers co-operative societies to facilitate their establishment.
  • Orders the dissolution of cooperation societies to enforce cooperative society acts, rules and regulations.
  • Plans and conducts educational and training programmes to promote the further development of cooperative societies.

Rennick Toussaint

General duties include:

  • Supervise societies assigned to safeguard societies' assets and members' interests.
  • Audit financial records of cooperative societies.
  • Collect, classify and analyze cooperative societies' data using computer software for submission by the Commissioner of Co-operatives to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and use by the Co-operative Division.

Miss Khadija Paul

  • Plans & prepares training programmes for cooperative societies in assigned districts to further develop cooperative societies in personnel and financial management, cooperative legislation, principles and practices and marketing.
  • Conducts educational and training programmes for the development of cooperative societies.
  • Maintains public awareness of cooperative activities to foster a good public image of the cooperative movements.
  • Produces and publishes co-operatives quarterly news magazine to keep the public informed of local cooperative activities.
  • Supervises the operation of cooperative societies in assigned districts to promote societies and safe-guarding societies' assets and member interests.

  • Promotes the development and establishment of new co-operatives such as farmers, credit unions and school savings unions in the assigned district using training, attending meetings & preparing societies' budgets.
  • Oversees the operation of cooperative societies for safeguarding the society’s assets and members' interests.
  • Plans and conducts educational and training programmes by providing on-the-job training every month.
  • Provide guidelines for conducting cooperative societies' business to empower operation and financial management procedures by reviewing minutes of meetings, recommend improvements to record-keeping practices, attend meetings of the society and verify decisions taken.
  • Monitors monthly, non-financial co-operatives.
  • Recommend dissolution of societies.
  • Advise on ways of recovering debts monthly.
  • Prepare business plans for societies.