International Year of Co-operatives

IYC Essay Competition


Write an essay in celebration of the UN International Year of Co-operatives

Due date March 15 th 2012



Write an appropriate essay outlining the theme “Encouraging entrepreneurship through cooperatives”



  • 1500 words Secondary School
  • 750 Primary School





  • To raise awareness of the importance of cooperatives in Dominica
  • To create a level of awareness among our Youth to allow continuity of the Cooperative Movement
  • To encourage new business owners to register businesses as cooperatives. As we all know that where there is an increase in unemployment in a country the need for Cooperatives increases. Where one individual cannot raise capital to start up a business, the resources of fifteen men increases the likelihood of its survival.



1. Co-operatives are successful values based businesses owned by their members. The largest 300 co-operatives around the world have a turnover (annual revenues) of USD 1.6 trillion, equal to the GDP of the world’s 10th largest economy.


2. The UN has declared 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC). The ICA is the Apex organization for co-operatives and represents 1 billion members in almost 100 countries. 2012 provides the ICA with the opportunity to raise awareness of co-operatives and position them as a serious business model. To this end the ICA wishes to commission a poster to promote and celebrate the Year which will be unveiled at the ICA Launch of the International Year in Cancun, Mexico, in November 2011. The poster will be made available for purchase.