Welcome to the Co-operatives Development Division!

The Co-operative Development Division of Dominica has been in operation for over 50 years. Its primary purpose is to develop, advance and protect co-operative enterprise. The Division's legislative and regulatory success is reflected in the power of co-operative businesses in the Dominica economy.

Our Vision

To assist and support the needs of our people and to create responsive and viable cooperatives to allow members to enjoy the highest levels of social and economic benefits through sustainable growth and advancement in the fisheries, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our Mission

The Co-operative Division aims to foster sustainable economic and social development through viable co-operative enterprises consistent with government's policies.


the Registrar of Co-operative Societies other than Co-operative Credit Unions

Inspection and Monitoring

of all co-operatives other than Credit Unions

Promotion and Development

of the Co-operative Business Model in communities and schools


and regulation of all co-operative societies.

Education and Training

provide education and training to co-operators and prospective members


responsible for the dissolution of co-operatives

Our Partners

Division of Agriculture

Collaborate with Division of Agriculture in the establishment promotion, training and provide technical support to agricultural cooperatives and groups. 
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Youth Development Division

The Co-operative Division staff facilitates the business skill module of the Youth Skill Training Programme. 
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Bureau of Gender Affairs

Collaborate in the establishment and promotion of Women's groups and co-operatives.
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Fisheries Division

Collaborate with the Fisheries Division in the establishment, promotion, training and providing technical support to Fisheries Co-operatives and groups. 
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