Agricultural Division

Collaborate with Division of Agriculture in the establishment promotion, training and provide technical support to agricultural cooperatives and groups. Also assist in the implementation of special events like Agricultural Co-operative Week.

Co-operative Societies League

Shared memorandum of understanding for the effective promotion and development of cooperative societies in Dominica.

Fisheries Division

Collaborate with the Fisheries Division in the establishment, promotion, training and providing technical support to Fisheries Co-operatives and groups. Also assist in the implementation of special events like the National Eat Fish Day.

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Key Official

Ms. Marriette Canoville

Coordinator - Cooperatives Development Division

Welcome to the Co-operatives Development Division!

The Co-operative Development Division of Dominica has been in operation for over 50 years. Its primary purpose is to develop, advance and protect co-operative enterprise. The Division's legislative and regulatory success is reflected in the power of co-operative businesses in the Dominica economy. The Division recognizes that there is strength in solid and sound legal, financial and structural framework for co-operatives bearing in mind that though a co-operative is a business like any other business it differs in several important ways: Co-operatives are owned and democratically controlled by its members and not by outside investors Members elect their board of directors from within the membership Surpluses are shared proportionate to the individual members use of the co-operative Co-operatives are not motivated mainly by profit but by service to meet the member's needs. Explore at your leisure and as you will this carefully constructed website dedicated to salute and honour those who have taken up the co-operative challenge and also to create greater public awareness, interest and support for the vital role that the diversity found in the multiplicity of co-operative businesses brings to the national productivity drive. Welcome and enjoy your journey and even more as you note the carded events listed on this website, I invite you to join us and have an exciting UN declared Year of Cooperatives 2012 with us.

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