Staff Meeting

The Cooperative Registrar Mariet Canoville officially welcomed new District Cooperative Officers Mr. Kervin Gordon, Lisa Philbert, and Shevon Jno Baptiste to the Cooperative Division at a staff meeting held on Monday, February 5, 2024, at the Prevost Cinemall.  The Staff was introduced to a session; 'the Cooperative and the Community'.  The officers were introduced to the Cooperative model of business, and the dynamics of the community.

The Staff also got a brief on the Cooperative legislation. the presentation also came from the senior cooperative officers Mr Rennick Toussaint and Miss Khadija Paul. The six-hour session was aimed at preparing staff for the field.  

Cooperatives present great opportunities for the further development of the country's economy.  according to the World Council of Credit in 2020, Dominica had the highest penetration rate by credit unions in the world. while the average was 12.18 percent, Dominica's was 169.06 percent.

Mariet Canoville

Registrar of Cooperative