Registering a Cooperative

Registering a Cooperative is important to us.  It simply means you have begun a journey.  It is a journey where you have accepted to unite yourselves and funds to start a business that will benefit you and others in your cooperative, transforming members' lives, the community, and Dominica's economy.

Just what do you need to register a Cooperative?


1.   Start up the idea and explore it with the prospective members

2.   Have at least ten (10 )people with the same interest

3.  Contact the Cooperative Division

4.  Attend at least three (3) months of training organized by the Cooperative Division

5.  Formulate your By-Laws

6.  Fill out the Application form

7.  Submit the application fee of twenty-five ($25.00)  along with the form and two 2 copies of by-laws.

8.  Pay a one hundred dollar ($100.00)registration fee.